The Family

Hi! My name is Stephanie.  I am the wife to an amazing man who is extremely intelligent, handy, a great father, and supportive husband.  He also happens to be a picky eater and a great sport about my experiments in the kitchen, which don’t always turn out.  I am the mother to four of the cutest boys in the world.  They are my life, my snuggle-buggles, my tickle monsters, my helpers, and the cause of all my grey hairs.  I am the daughter of amazing parents who taught me from the very beginning the importance of working hard, loving food, and having faith.  I am the adopted daughter to two awesome in-laws who have brought my understanding of organization to a whole new level, are always there for me, and introduced me to retail therapy.  I love cooking.  I am not a great cook, but I am awesome at hoarding great recipes and I’m not afraid to test, try, and experiment with most anything. I grind my own wheat, which is why a lot of the pictures with dough may seem a little browner than the usual all-purpose white flour. (Occasionally I cheat with store bought when I’m really busy)  I love canning in the fall.  I think food is beautiful and a form of art. I love cooking with butter, crisco, and sugar, but I also recognize the great feeling of cooking healthy and whole, so I do both.  I guess I can’t fully commit to one or the other, so I figure a little of both makes a great mix.  Whenever I have questions about cooking or need help with a recipe I call my sisters who have been great teachers.  Costco is my friend and McDonalds makes me sick. That’s me.

The reason I started this was because I can’t keep up with all of my recipes.  I keep pinning new recipes on Pinterest and reading new recipes in my cookbooks, and hearing about new recipes . . . ahhhh!  I . . must. . . have. . . them . . . all. . . muwahahaha!  Ok, the real problem is that I need to keep all of this goodness organized so I can find what i want to make and share them with anyone who would like, and the best way to do that is to start a blog.  Whenever I come across a new food blog my mind wonders why in the world someone would want another food blog around. . . you can only reinvent a recipe so many times before it just gets old.  With that said, this blog is for me to keep my hobby within my reins.  I’m not trying to do anything spectacular or shock and amaze anyone.  This is just me, my family, and our kitchen.  I am happy to share my plate with you, so look around, try things out, and hopefully you’re tummy will rejoice.

I post my new recipes on Tuesdays (hence the name).  Throughout the week I may post other recipes or helpful tips, it will just depend on what’s happening in my world .  I’d love to hear your feedback, comments, and requests.  Thanks for coming by!

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